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Urban Ikebana Origami Vase (set of x3)



Urban Ikebana Origami Vase (set of x3)

Urban Ikebana / Origami and Ikebana in one.

Inspired by the Japanese Origami folding techniques these clever Origami Stone paper vases are perfect for small Ikebana-style flower arrangements or for styling your cuttings and cut flowers.

The set of Origami vases come in three different architectural shapes. Each design is unique so get folding and make your Origami House.
Create your arrangement by placing small flowers in the numerous window openings allowing you to be free with your creativity.

The kit will include natural moss to help your arrangements stay hydrated. All you need to do is fill your Origami vase with the natural moss, close the vase and submerge in water until the natural moss is fully soaked. No worries, it‘s waterproof.

Contains 3 different shaped origami vases + dried natural moss and an instruction booklet.