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Marimekko – Oiva Theepot 7dl



Marimekko – Oiva Teapot 7dl

The classic Marimekko Oiva teapot designed by Sami Ruotsalainen has a wooden handle. The pot, strainer and wood-knob lid are made of white stoneware and needs to be washed by hand.

Special Care Advice:

Hand wash only. Using a ceramic teapot on a stove or a cooktop is not recommended. Do not soak wooden parts in water. Coating wooden parts with oil is recommended. You may use oils made specifically for wood or a vegetable cooking oil. To apply, wipe on liberally with a soft cloth. Let set for 30 minutes, and then remove the excess. Reapply as needed.

Height: 18.00 cm

Capacity: 7.00 dl

Diameter: 14.00 cm