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Licht Alpaca Plaid 175x135cm ‘Blauw’



Light Alpaca Plaid 175x135cm ‘Blue’

Alpaca wool is one of the best natural wool types, fact.  The fibers of Alpaca wool are incredibly soft and super fine (approx. 22-28 microns), it can be compared with cashmere wool. Due to the super fine fibers, the alpaca plaids itch much lesser on bare skin than wool from any other animal species. The wool is also thermally warm, this means that it has a cooling effect in summer and feels pleasantly warm in winter. In addition, Alpaca wool is stronger than regular wool, it wears less quickly and also fluffs less.

The plaid is reversable as consists of 2 colours, finished with fringes.





30% Alpaca wool

10% Merino wool

60% Acrylic

Synthetic material has been added to these plaids to prevent the wool from felting. It also keeps the plaids flexible and gives the plaids a little stretch.