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Fine Forest – Muursticker ‘Konijn’



Fine Forest – Wall sticker ‘Rabbit’


This rabbit wall sticker is ideal to cheer up the baby and / or children’s room without having to deal with wallpaper or paint. For example, place the rabbit on the baby changing table, bookshelf or simply place the rabbit on a floor plinth. Just peel and stick!

Dimension: 24,7 x 35,5 cm

Illustration: Hand-drawn fineliner print

Wall sticker: 150µm transparent polymer

Placement: The wall stickers look best on white, smooth surfaces with natural light. Avoid walls with coarse textures


Fine Forest

Graphic designers William Mooijman and Sophie Mittelberg create natural, transparant wall stickers with their label ‘Fine Forest’. Hours of illustrating go into the detailed dotwork, a lifelike illustration as a result. Their flora and fauna illustrations are drawn by hand with different thickness of fineliners.