Toffe Stoffen – Cushion ‘Big Baddy’ 40x60cm



A cool cushion with a big mask in black for both a designer interior as well as a cool kid’s room. The strings on its sides can be tied in a knot at the back, like a real mask.  High quality cushion with European duck down inner and with a blind zipper at the base.

WARNING: For use as a decorating cushion. Do not use as a (child’s) head pillow!

40X60 cm

100% cotton

canvas (double Panama) 380 gr/m

bio cotton poplin strings

rotation screen printed in the Netherlands



The Dutch word Tof describes a mix of the words nice and cool.  Stof means fabric, so an open translation for the brand name could be ‘Wicked Fabrics’.

The fabrics are rotation printed on 380 gr/m, 100% cotton canvas (double Panama) in the Netherlands.

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