Toepas – ‘Grow Up’


A must for all green fingered plant and cutting lovers…

One of our personal favourites and bestsellers, the ‘Grow Up’ kiemfles / germinating/propagating bottle.

Made from recycled wine bottles this simple yet very clever system allows you to cultivate your hip avocado stone or any cutting of your choice whilst making the root system visibly attractive and part of the unique design.

While you watch the growth process your also giving life back to a discarded bottle at the same time.

Tip: Not only attractive for cultivation but handy as a vase or growing flowers from bulbs.

TIP: To allow an avocado pit to germinate faster: Soak the kernel overnight in water. Remove the kernel from its brown skin and wrap it in a damp cloth / paper towel. Place the wrapped kernel in a plastic box and  in a warm place. (windowsill in the sun or heating) This is how you create a greenhouse. Within a week or two you will start to see the pit split as soon as a root starts to grow you can place the kernel in the Grow-up and follow the nice growth process.


Material: Glass

Size: H20 x W7 cm (sizes can vary due to handmade item)



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