Marimekko – Ruudut Geo Kop 2dl


Enjoyment of coffee is affected not only by the aroma and freshness of the brew, but by the aesthetics and shape of the mug. We think Oiva serves up a delicious cup.

The cup features the Ruudut Geometric pattern and is made of dishwasher, oven, microwave and freezer safe white stoneware.

Four designers were invited to create an abstract nature themed pattern using paper cut-outs for an ensemble representing the multifaceted nature of Marimekko. The Ruudut (squares) print is a collage based on the sketches received from the designers.

Pattern Designer Hirvi/Louekari/Metsola/Tuominen
Design Year 2019
Pattern Ruudut
Series Oiva / ruudut
Capacity 2.00 dl
Diameter 7.50 cm
Height 7.00 cm

Incl X1 cup

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