Marimekko – Placemat Unikko ‘Black’


A beautiful flowery pattern brightens & decorates your kitchen and dining table thanks to the Unikko placemat.  These durable acrylic coated cotton placemats from Marimekko have the classic Pieni Unikko motif.
Made of acrylic coated cotton, the Marimekko placemat is pleasantly soft so it can be rolled up and stored without any problems at all.  Everyday splashes and stains are also very easy to wipe clean off simply with a damp cloth.
Unikko is a floral motif by Marimekko, which was designed by designer Maija Isola in 1964 and is still world famous today.
Height 31.00 cm
Width 42.00 cm
100 % cotton-Acrylic-coated


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