Marimekko – Oiva/Tarhuri bord 20cm


Marimekko – Oiva/Tarhuri plate 20cm


The Marimekko Oiva plate is made of soft brown stoneware and it features the Tarhuri pattern. The plate is dishwasher, oven, microwave and freezer safe.

Tarhuri (gardener) is a tribute to the creations of Mother Nature, all the beautiful fruits and vegetables and colours shifting from sun-baked hues to the sharper tones that develop in shade. It also celebrates the wonder of something as marvelous as an apple tree or a watermelon growing from a tiny little seed. The pattern also reflects the joy of growing your own food, how your own home grown vegetables and fruit always taste the best.

Pattern Designer Maija Louekari
Design Year 2019
Pattern Tarhuri
Series Oiva / tarhuri
Diameter 20.00 cm

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