Marimekko – Oiva / Elokuun Varjot kop 2dltr


X1 Marimekko – Oiva / Elokuun Varjot coffee cup 2dl, without handle


Enjoyment of tea or coffee is affected not only by the aroma and freshness of the brew, but by the aesthetics and shape of the mug. We think Oiva serves up a delicious cup.


Marimekko cups are made of dishwasher, oven, microwave and freezer safe white stoneware.

Maija Louekari drew inspiration for the 2020 Elokuun varjot (August shadows) print from her own wildish home garden. The designer is fascinated by the changing seasons of the North – the new beginnings and the abundant growth that follows, year after year. This pattern design is an ode to greenery, freedom and warm winds.

Height: 7.00 cm
Capacity: 2.00 dl
Diameter: 7.50 cm
Main Material: white stoneware
Designer: Maija Louekari

X1 cup

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