Jurianne Matter – Fridur angels (set x6)


Fridur angels are a set of 6 cheerful  small Christmas and guardian angels!

The punched-out angel comes in an A6 size card and is a special, easy to unfold, Christmas greeting.  The angel can stand and hang with a string through the holes in her wings! You can leave a wish or a greeting on the back of her dress.

The angels can also be used as name card holders for a dinner: they can hold a small name plate through the slits in their hands. Fold the arms of the angels forward at the shoulders. Cut a strip of approx. 1 cm high and 3.5 cm wide, write the name of your guest on it and slide this strip into the notches at the level of the hands.

1 set contains 6 angel cards
Card size: 14.8 x 10.5 cm
Folded angel size: 6.5 cm high, 9.5 cm wide (wing width), Ø skirt bottom: 4.3 cm

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