&helinä – ‘Mosaic Pacific’ Tea Towel + Dish Cloth Set


Stylish fresh kitchen essentials; this unique combination of tea towel and dish cloth.

Sustainable high quality from Finland. From fabric designer Helinä Luttinen. Through her brand &helinä she shares her stories with you. “Mosaic Pacific” is a pattern from
her Australia collection.

Helinä Luttinen, currently living in Sydney, Australia, on the Mosaic Pacific pattern in her Australian collection:
“There are many places in Sydney where I found mosaic street art.  So I thought to make a mosaic pattern myself, with some of the very special colours found in the South Pacific:

Blue/Turquoise: crystal clear waters. Blue Skys. Turquoise sea. Blue sea. Or what is it? Beautiful. There is also the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. The colouring, significantly less blue the closer you get, is caused by Eucalyptus oil evaporating from the countless gumtrees in the national parks.

Green: evokes the forests, wine regions, and pastures of the Australian landscape. Green is also one of Australia’s national floral emblem.

White: the whitest sand. Clean, untouched beaches. They say it is  paradise. Maybe not, but it comes pretty close I think. Black: bush-fires are quite common in Australia. I have seen the damage these fires can cause.“

With her brand &helinä, the designer brings to life the values which are so close to her heart: Quality; Attention to detail; Sustainability; Sharing; and Exclusivity.



Made in Finland. Digitally printed, creating a minimum of waste. High quality fabrics.
Size: 45 x 68 cm + 20 x 17 cm
Material: 50% cotton / 50% linen (tea towel) + 70% cellulose / 30% cotton (dishcloth)
Care: Tea towel machine washable at 60* degrees, do not tumble dry.
*Washing at a lower temperature could cause the colours to bleed, especially the first 2-3 times.
Dish cloth washable at 40 degrees.

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