Cork Dot Trivet Natural


Trivets are one of those items we use time and time again, every day. We like the fact that even those useful of items are well designed, quality made and practical with it.
The trivets are made of recycled cork from grinded leftovers from the wine cork industry making it a lovely way of taking care of natures resources and that’s always a great idea!  Cork is a naturally heat resistant and anti-flammable material, which makes it absolutely perfect for trivets.

Size: 20x20cm

Materials: Natural Cork

Designer Veronica Vejsholt



Born in Sweden develops beautiful design products for every home. All our items are uniquely designed for us, which means we control the whole production chain, from the drawing table all the way to the store. ​We find inspiration to new products in the Scandinavian lifestyle, and in our fantastic nature.

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